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IMC specializes in High Definition Services supporting over 100 Formats.  HD comes in many flavours.  We can give expert advice in which format is right for you and finish to HD format you need. We offer the state of the art HD Up-Conversion using the Alchemist Platinum Ph.C Deft+ Upconverter.  Our HD conversion offers 4:4:4 processing motion correction and 3:2 pull down corrections that are accepted worldwide.  No other system scales your STD-DEF footage up to HD resolution with the image quality the Alchemist Platinum Ph.C Converter is famous for.

  • Up Conversions: SD to HD,  NTSC or PAL,  Highest Quality Realtime Scaling 
  • Down Conversions HD to SD,  NTSC or PAL with pulldown 4:3 | 16:9 letterbox | 14:9 | pan & scan 
  • Cross-Conversions HD to HD , SD to SD (all formats)
  • Side-Conversions: 720 to/from 1080 lime standards in all frequencies
  • Deinterl acing and adaptive cadence correction
  • Noise reduction available on all conversions
  • Detail enhancement and colour correction 
  • Timecode Conversion 
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion 
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