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Effective quality control in a modern broadcast facility requires intelligent monitoring of a wide range of functions. These include not only the quality of the video images from ingest to transmission, but also other critical issues such as multichannel sound, multiple language tracks, accuracy of content scheduling & delivery, and management of metadata including closed captions, subtitles and content advisory ratings. 

IMC understands that it is critical to customers to ensure that media assets are fully quality controlled. The integration of our media servers with our QC automation processes gives broadcasters an assured route to achieve this goal. IMC is positioned to provide the unique abilities of a storage system that also has media processing power for transcoding, file flattening, and QA.

IMC is able to deliver HD/SD automated QC employing  a file based process which is able to output a printed report detailing chroma, luma, audio and many other technical evaluations that may cause failure.

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